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Body Beautiful Programmes

The Queen of Health provides intensive 4 to 12 weeks programmes which are designed to overhaul a person’s approach to health and wellbeing.
All programmes come as standard with :

– An Initial 60-Minute Consultation
– Full Body Composition Analysis with Printouts
– Metabolic Rate Analysis with Printouts
– Full Health Assessment
– Fully Personalised Nutrition Plan
– Meal Plans
– Recipes and Shopping Lists
– Extra support outside of Consultation Times

Nichola combines her expertise and client focus with the very latest in scientific research.
By utilising state-of-the-art body and metabolic rate analysis equipment, with an understanding of the physiological reasons that drive comfort eating and poor food choice, Nichola can help anyone lose weight, look great and most importantly: feel great.

For more information and on our Individual health and nutrition programmes, see our Individual Weight Loss and Nutritional Programmes Page:

Group Weight Loss Programmes

The Queen of Health offers clients group weight loss and wellness programmes designed to foster a community spirit between participates.

All our group programmes are built around setting common goals and creating a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere that assists participates lose weight, improve their lifestyle and become the best version of themselves.

For more information on our Group Weight loss and group nutritional programmes, see our Group nutritional and weight loss page.

One-To-One Consultations

The Queen of Health’s one to one consultations are an in-depth look and frank assessment of the client’s current fitness levels, lifestyle and weight loss expectations. Nichola helps the client set realistic goals and begins to set the foundation for what eventually becomes long-term, positive lifestyle change.

More so than a simple diet or weight loss plan, our one-to-one consultation takes a rounded holistic approach to health. Creating unique strategies that are designed to fit neatly into a client’s lifestyle.

Nichola can help identify the physiological reasons behind comfort eating; helping clients recognise situations and thought-processes that may lead to poor food choices. Our non-judgmental, safe and fully confidential one-to-one consolations are your first step towards, a fitter, healthier and happier you.

For more information on our one-to-one consolations or to enquire about availability, please see our One-To-One Consultation page.

Online Weight Loss Programmes

8 Week Weight Management Online Program

Interested in learning more about nutrition and how nutrition impacts your health, wellbeing and mood?
Our 8-week online program gives individuals the skills and know-how to work towards a happier, healthy and slimmer version of themselves.
Our fully customised eating plans are designed to ensure participates are getting the right amount of nutrients; through menus and dishes designed around delicious nutrient-dense ingredients.

Are you interested in losing those extra few pounds? Getting clearer more radiant skin? Sleeping better and feeling great? Then our 8-week online program is for you.

For more information on our Online Weight loss programme or to enquire about availability, please get in touch with The Queen of Health today.