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Free resources to help you reach your happy weight, balance mood and live a life full of wellness. Choose the book you’d like to check out and it’s yours to keep. Want them all? They’re yours with my compliments.

Busy Moms Survival Guide

5 things you need to create calm and feel fantastic

10 Secrets to Weight Loss – Download

Get Ready To Learn my Weight Loss Secrets!!

In my e-Book I want to share my top10 secrets to weight loss and help you to stop yo yo and restrictive dieting once and for all.

The Ultimate Holiday Eating STRATEGY – Download

In MY guide, I want to give you the tools to create your holiday action plan, which doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself while you’re away!

6 Ways to Restore Your Body Confidence – Download

Download your FREE 6 Ways to restore your body confidence right now and allow me to coach you to a more motivated and confident you!!

Kick Your Cravings – Download

Do you sometimes feel you’re being driven by an invisible force – usually inthe direction of the fridge or treats cupboard? And you know you definitelywould be able to stick to your diet if you didn’t get the irrepressible urge for
something sweet… you are one click away from learning how to kick those cravings once and for all.

Healthy Habits Challenge

Most people know that there are things that they could do to get healthier. Finding the motivation to get started can seem hard, Let me show you the way to introduce small healthy habits one habit at a time!

#Funky5 Breakfast Smoothie Challenge

My #funky5 smoothies are a nutritional power house to equip your body on busy manic days, busy workouts and life’s stressful situations. 

5 Day Meal Prep Challenge

The secret to eating well is, in part, due to eating the right kinds of foods. But mostly it’s down to PREPARING the right kind of foods. Join my 5-day meal prep challenge and learn how to bring peace and calm into mealtimes in your own home.

5 Day Mini Detox Challenge 

Feeling sluggish? Got cravings? Struggling with weight that won’t seem to shift no matter what you try?

My 5 Day Mini Detox Challenge is a great start to kick start healthy habits and learn how to support your body.

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