Healthy Lifestyle Tips

The Queen of Health is committed to helping individuals live their best life by optimising their wellbeing, diet and health. Below we look at 10 things you can do to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Eat the Right Things

Obvious but critical all the same, a diet filled with the right food is one of the major contributors to good health, wellness and weight loss. Eating whole, natural foods with an emphasis on a nutritionally balanced diet is a major factor in weight loss and long-term weight management.

Consider Portion Size

Even whole, nutrient dense foods can still leave you will excess energy that your body will store as fat. As such it’s important not to overindulge on any food.

Don’t Forget the Extras

We spend so much time worrying about the food we eat, we sometimes forget about the extras we put on our food. Condiments like ketchup can contain a huge amount of sugar and as such should be factored into a diet plan. Healthy alternatives are available and should always be considered.

Drink More Water

Hunger and thirst can sometimes be indistinguishable. As such, for those looking to live a healthy lifestyle, drinking water should be a priority. Regular water consumption is also essential for the normal running of almost all bodily functions.

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Flush Out Toxins

Your liver plays an essential role in cleansing the body of toxins. The liver also plays a pivotal role in helping us lose weight by purifying the toxins released as we burn through fat cells.

Support Your Liver

Support your liver by cutting back on foods and drinks that put pressure on the liver e.g. reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake, avoid personal care products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate, and eat organic food as often as possible.

Make Exercise Your Life

Only 50% of us exercise and of that 50%, only 32% of us exercise regularly. Like it or not, weight loss and exercise go hand in hand. A regular, well thought out exercise plan leads to more energy, improved mood and all-around healthy improvements.

Take Self Care Seriously

Self-care and happiness are intertwined. Happy people make better food choices. So take the time to do a little of what you like and make sure you have strategies in place to relax when you need it.

Keep Your Hormones Happy

Imbalances in hormone levels are a major factor that impeded weight loss. Make sure you regulate your blood sugar level, stay on top of your life’s stress triggers and eat foods that maintain your hormonal balance.

Ask For Help

To optimise weight loss make sure you’re following the right advice for your unique lifestyle. As such you should never be afraid to ask for help.

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Ready to take your first step towards a healthier you?
Get in contact with The Queen of Health today.