Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss the Body Beautiful 365 Way!

Join a community of busy professional women who are living a vibrant and healthy life, 365 days of the year with the Body Beautiful 365 membership

Join the Monthly Membership – Body Beautiful 365 – and get the support, help and understanding you’ve been longing for!

How can Body Beautiful 365 Support You?

I will be your personal coach and give you the following tools:

  • You will experience healthy and therefore sustainable weight loss with my help and we will achieve your health goals
  • You will learn how to meal prep affectively, taking into account your busy professional life
  • You will get the tools you need to resist cravings
  • You will learn what to eat when away on business trips and meetings

Join other professional women 

We will support you 365 days of the year!

Our Body Beautiful community of busy women help keep you accountable. Accountability and consistency are key to sustainable weight loss and healthy living. Our community supports and lifts each other daily – helping one another lose weight, sustain the weight loss, or simply make good choices with their eating and self-care!

Body Beautiful is not your typical weight loss plan. There are no off-limits foods or structured eating windows. Think of Body Beautiful 365 as a lifestyle shift that prioritises healthy eating, regular exercise, stress management, and better sleep hygiene. Nichola “The Queen Of Health” supports, coaches and educates you while the community helps you keep it up – Read My Story Here

If you want results with your weight loss and health goals, Body Beautiful 365 is what you need.

Let’s begin your journey to Body Beautiful today.


I want to support you to lose weight and maintain it 365 days of the year!

What is included in your 365 membership

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions with Nichola “The Queen Of Health” to keep you focused, accountable and on track with you Health & Weight Loss goals
  • Easy meal plans for busy professional woman – I show you how to do it
  • Coaching on how to resist the cravings
  • Coaching on what to eat when out and at meetings
  • Monthly Recipe Books
  • Motivational workshops to inspire you to be the CEO of your body
  • A supportive community to hold you accountable with your goals 
  • A library of Health & Wellness e-books to keep you inspired
  • 20% off all my 1 to 1 coaching programmes

I am going to help you lose weight this year!

I am Nichola Flood, The Queen Of Health, and my mission is to get women healthy so they can enjoy life to the fullest.
Once I was 4 stone overweight, depressed, with an under active thyroid and unexplained infertility.
My Body Beautiful programme, along with my #FUNKY5 smoothies supported my journey and helped me get well. As a result, they are now a staple in my daily meal plan. I had a Nutrition and Life coach and together we worked setting goals and lifestyle changes that stuck. Did you know that only 5% of people that lose weight manage to keep it off after the first six months? I am one of those 5%!
I want to coach, educate and support you to have a life that is not full of restrictions and fad diets.
Now is your chance to have the help you longed for from someone that has walked the walk.

Body Beautiful 365 is a membership to support busy professional women live an energised healthy life

The membership €47 Per Month

I get it!

Why? Because…

  • You are busy
  • You want to lose 7+lbs
  • Your schedule is all about meetings and eating out
  • You want to be energised and live your best life
  • You want sustainable weight loss

Remember that when you are not fully energised and not the woman you want to be, you may miss out on more business opportunities .

Put yourself first for once and lets do this together!

I have been going to the Queen of Health for over a year now and I have completely changed my health direction.


Nichola has coached me to make small adjustments to my diet that have made a big difference! I always loved my bowl of cereal in the morning, which I never thought I would give up but after many months Nichola convinced me to try the Funky Five in the morning and I love it. I would never go back on this, and on a Saturday my treat is banana pancakes, again something I never thought I would like but I love it.

Nichola has helped me visualise what being healthy on the inside looks like and this enables me to make better food choices on a daily basis. Thank you so much Queen of Health!

Louise Martin

Excellent 4 week course, really enjoyed learning about nutritional value of foods and fuelling my body with the good stuff mostly !


Loved that most foods are allowed but in moderation, alcohol the same but chose wisely ! I lost 6.4 lbs healthily & steadily over a 4 week period – which I was amazed at !

Although the feeling good, full of energy, skin is unbelievable and over all well being won me over – losing the weight was an added bonus !

Would highly recommend this course for all age groups ladies & gents alike.

Amanda O’Connor

I started this about six weeks ago and I can't tell you how good this programme is and how helpful Nichola has been.


Always there when you have any questions or queries . I have tried quite a few at this stage and this has been by far the best. Excellent service and advice. If you are serious about losing weight and overall well-being do yourself a favour and try this, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks again Nichola, things have changed for me for the better since I met you…

Susan Young

I came away from the course with a much better understanding of the nutritional values of foods and the importance of eating the right foods at the right times.


The course is delivered very professionally and in a very relaxed atmosphere.

At the end of the 4 weeks i lost a total of 7.5 lbs in weight but the real bonus for me was the insight i have gotten into the nutritional elements of different foods, and the overall effect it has had on my body, mood, energy levels etc.

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to kickstart their general health and wellbeing….

Lisa Black

Myself & my husband visited Nichola in her clinic, we both highly recommend her.


Not only did she give us food ideas, she advised us how to get healthy from the inside out. All very relaxed & made feel totally at ease. We both feel ready to change our diets now & don’t feel like it’s a diet we are starting, it’s a much needed lifestyle change.

Nichola really makes you leave with a positive outlook. As my husband said, she knows her stuff  ?

Catherine Lawless

I've done a few of Nichola's plans now and they are just brilliant.


I’m losing weight so much easier but more importantly, I feel so much better and am really understanding now to make the right choices. I would highly recommend Nichola’s plans to everyone and she is so encouraging and supportive and answers all our questions…between private Facebook groups, Zoom chats and even through Messenger.

It has been a godsend during this time where the Covid spread was getting out of control. The recipes are fab and its so nice to introduce new meals to my family, Thank you so much Nichola.

Nickola Hendy