Do you need a Nutritionist?

Taking care of your health and wellbeing should be a priority, however many find it extremely difficult to control their diet or feel they don’t have time to implement a balanced lifestyle. If you live in or around Dublin and feel that you need to improve your diet you should see Nichola at The Queen of Health.

Nichola is a health and nutritional coach in Dublin with a Diploma in Nutritional Coaching. Here are some important reasons why you should see a nutritionist.

If You Are Overweight

There are a number of conditions that are associated with obesity and having an unhealthy relationship with food. If you have been to see your GP you may have been prescribed weight-loss drugs or suggested a healthy diet plan, however, losing weight long term requires someone that understands your deeply rooted behaviours when it comes to food.

A weight loss clinic or coach can be extremely helpful to transforming your life around; a nutritionist can assess your relationship with food and produce programmes that are individually tailored to you. A nutritionist will listen to you and give you the best possible advice for your weight loss.

If Have Tried to Lose Weight and Can’t Maintain It

One of the most common problems that weight loss coaches find are people that try a number of diets, lose weight fast, drop 2 stone and then gain it all back as soon as they stop restricting themselves. These type of diets, also known as Yo-Yo dieting, can be extremely unhealthy as they can cause diabetes, heart disease and increased blood pressure!

A nutritionist such as Nichola can put an end to your Yo-Yo dieting for good by identifying your learned behaviours and deeper connection with food to implement an effective programme that will help with weight management permanently.

If You Have Any Food Allergies or Suspect That You Do

Nutritionists are experienced and trained in the science of food which means that they can help you navigate a food allergy or assist you in determining which foods are giving you trouble. It is common to have a food allergy and can make it hard to consume a balanced and healthy diet, great for maintaining weight loss.

A nutritionist will not only suggest tasty meals and ingredients that you can consume without affecting your allergy but produce a programme that will be sure to look after your body and your health.


Have Bowel Problems or Diverticular Disease

A person should release stool at least once per day, however, a large number of people suffer from constipation and other bowel problems that can be painful and uncomfortable. A dietician and weight loss coach like Nichola will be able to give you advice and information on foods to avoid and foods to consume if you are suffering from bowel problems.

Fibre, for example, is crucial for softening stool, decreasing the risk of constipation. Food and the nutrients we consume help our body to function normally, which is why a nutritionist is imperative for improving your wellbeing and gut health.

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The Queen of Health

Booking an appointment with a nutritionist and weight-loss coach will turn your life around for the better; it is one of the most successful weight loss approaches for long-term transformation. Many of our clients have found nutritional coaching life-changing and has helped them to make better food choices regularly. We are open and welcome anyone that wants to take the best step for improving their body on the inside as well as the outside. The Queen of Health is based in Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland and offer face-to-face as well as remote nutritional coaching. Find out more on our website and contact Nichola today on 086 317 5042 to book your first appointment.