Group Weight Loss Programmes

With an award-winning Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach                         

For information on our Group Weight Loss programmes availability, get in contact with The Queen of Health today.

Nichola Flood, Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach, provides group weight loss programmes

Our group weight loss programme is fully customised to the weight loss and wellbeing needs of the group as a whole.
By fostering a community spirit, built around achieving defined goals, our group weight loss programme helps create life-long bonds between participates.

My weight loss methodology is based on developing a non-competitive environment that priorities trust, empathy and a commitment by all participates to become the best version of themselves.

By carefully setting mutually advantageous group goals — along with personal goals for individual participates — the individuals within the group become a source of inspiration and strength for each other.


For additional information on our group weight loss programmes, get in contact with me, Nichola – The Queen of Health – today.

4 Week Programme


My 4 Week programme covers topics to improve your eating habits and overall health in which you will quickly see results.

Over the 4 weeks I will coach you on healthy eating. You will embark on a healthy lifestyle plan and will be given the tools to STOP yo-yo and restrictive dieting once and for all. I will help you to create lasting, sustainable habits and as you are being held accountable within a group setting, you are much more likely to succeed.

By introducing a few small changes in your diet and lifestyle will make a big impact on increasing your energy and getting your zest for life back. We will look at what foods and nutrients are the right ones for you and our family. With the right guidance and motivation, within 4 weeks you will be empowered to keep going with improving your health & wellness!

Thursdays 7-8pm

Newtownpark Pastoral Centre
Newtownpark ave