Online Coaching by Nichola – The Queen of Health 

Body Beautiful Online Weight Loss Programme

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You are stuck in a diet trap and can see no way out
  • You eat in secret
  • You binge and don’t know why
  • Your energy has hit rock bottom
  • You don’t have regular bowel movements
  • Your hormones are a mess
  • You have daily energy slumps
  • You crave bread, sweets, pasta and crisps
  • You are a  yo-yo dieter
  • You join all type of groups to try and find that elusive miracle diet



As an online member of the Queen Of Health you will receive:

  • An effective SELF-PACED programme to support your Weight Loss Journey (allows you to work through the material at your pace)
  • A Full libray of Nutrition & Weight Loss Education
  • Coaching videos with Nichola the Queen of Health
  • A full Meal Plan with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack ideas ( 
  • Access to my CLIENT ONLY APP to keep all your materials secure and access them at anytime and anywhere
  • Access to your own food and mood diary- if tracking is your thing you will love this to show you how to stay on track to achieve your goals
  • Video check in calls with Nichola once a week
  • Bonus materials so you can learn how to start to adopt a healthier lifestyle without restrictions + access to a library of bonus materials to support your journey

My Clients Only App

  • As an online client I will then add you to my personal app.
  • This is where you can contact me via private message whenever you need me for help and support.
  • You will also use this platform to access your Materials  and Nutrition plans.
  • You will use the app to check in weekly with stats and pictures, monitor your progress and you can update me with your own private meal diary.



My Programme Makes Weight Loss Easier
Let me show you how to work towards a healthier weight & embark on the right type of eating plan which will provide essential nutrients and yet help you to lose those extra pounds?

My Private App has all the Game-Changing Tools You Need


A real life story

We all have a story to tell and I believe that’s how we end up where we are whether we are happy or not, we create the life around us through our thoughts both positive and negative.

Looking back to the person I used to be, to who I am now, has been an incredible transformation.

Sometimes I even have to look twice at old photos of myself. For years I was caught in a diet trap with negative thoughts. I constantly compared myself to others. Each week as I got to Wednesday on my new diet plan I would feel miserable. Inevitably I’d end up throwing in the towel and convince myself that I would start again the following week. I bought endless magazines and books in search of that one ultimate solution that was going to make a happier, healthier version of me. I tried nearly every diet and detox out there. All of which ended on a low and with me being actually heavier than when I started out.

I had no one who understood what I was going through or to give me the support, encouragement and tools needed to transform my life. To be a yo-yo dieter is not fun.

What do our members have to say;

Nichola Flood – The Queen of Health is simply amazing! Nichola’s knowledge of all things to do with nutrition is extensive and she is very supportive. Her recipes and health tips are fantastic and make it easy to achieve better health and vitality. Nichola has also written an excellent book about her own journey to better health and weight loss – very inspirational. Annette Keane


I have been working consistently with Nichola now for about 6 weeks and I am absolutely loving ALL of her recipes, they’re divine. I feel so much healthier and have lost over 8lbs. I am never ever hungry. Nichola is always on hand to answer all my questions and is extremely helpful and encouraging. This is not a diet or a quick fix. This is, well for me.anyway, about changing my approach to food and what I am putting into my body. My sugary cravings are practially gone. If you’re looking for a changr, bored of your usual eating habits, feel.like you’re in a slump, find your energy levels slump during the day and your mood is all over the place…then get on Nicholas plan and get her fab book. You will NOT be disappointed.

Nicky Foley