Adopting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle can be a difficult task without enough support and motivation. Many people would like to lose weight, but there can be many hurdles when it comes to taking action. However, with the proper guidance, it is possible to adopt healthy habits and improve both the way you feel on the inside and the way you look on the outside. Nichola at The Queen of Health specialises in working with women who want to look and feel amazing, helping to transform their weight, health and life so that they can regain their sparkle. Want to start making positive choices in 2022? Here are the top benefits to joining up to our online weight loss coaching.

What is online weight loss coaching?

Online weight loss coaching is comprehensive coaching that can be accessed virtually, from anywhere in the world, at any time. Instead of having weekly meetings or set times to speak to your weight loss coach, online weight loss coaching gives you access to support and guidance from Nichola 24 hours per day. Nichola can provide bitesize nutritional advice, wellbeing tips and extra motivation when you need it most. It can be a problem when you are trying to make healthy lifestyle choices but feel you don’t have the support you need or are not being held accountable for your actions, which is why online weight loss coaching is so effective. 

As well as online weight loss coaching providing you with better access to your coach, it also provides a more inclusive weight-loss plan which includes nutrition advice, recipe ideas, mindset discussion and personal training advice. Weight loss is about improving all of these areas of your life, and that is exactly the thing that can be provided through online coaching with The Queen of Health. 

What are the benefits of online weight loss coaching?

Online weight loss coaching is a highly beneficial way to better your lifestyle for good and provide you with the tools and resources you need to lose weight in a healthy way. Nichola’s expertise in all aspects of health, nutrition and wellbeing, allows her to create fully customised exercise regimes, meal plans and everyday mindfulness techniques to help clients become the very best version of themselves. The key benefits to online weight loss coaching include:

Holistic support

Everyone is different, with different habits, learned behaviours and ways of doing things. This is why online coaching with Nichola is personalised specifically to you, helping you as a whole rather than a specific issue in isolation. When it comes to losing weight, mindset is everything, and without support on altering your mindset, it can be extremely difficult to change your life for the better. Nichola’s online weight loss coaching includes holistic and mindset support to explore your current lifestyle in-depth and find a way for you to alter it, starting with the way you think and feel about yourself on the inside. 

Unlimited access

One of the main benefits of online weight loss coaching is being able to access your coach when you need to, no matter what time of day or location. Being able to speak to Nichola for advice and support is invaluable to your weight loss journey. It is easy to feel motivated to lose weight when attending a weekly group or meeting with a coach in person, but what about those evenings when you have lost motivation and want to get back into unhealthy habits? We all have setbacks and it is completely normal to lose motivation sometimes, but online weight loss coaching can help you to avoid those situations so you can keep on track to changing your life for the better

Advice on exercise and avoiding injury

Losing weight isn’t just about your diet, but also increasing the amount of exercise you do, to increase metabolism, improve muscle strength and better your cardiovascular system. Exercising regularly can be tough if you haven’t done much in the years prior, which is why Nichola is on hand to provide exercise advice and safety tips when you need them. Don’t wait until the next coaching appointment to ask questions and discuss exercises that can be fun… simply chat to Nichola through your online coaching.

Nichola Flood workout

Nutritional advice when you need it

Cooking a meal and unsure about whether an ingredient is suitable for your healthy dish? Get in touch with Nichola at The Queen of Health for nutritional advice that keeps to your customised health plan. Nichola has a Diploma in Nutritional coaching so she knows exactly what is and isn’t good for everyday cooking. Nichola also recognises that adopting a sustainable healthy lifestyle is all about balance, so you definitely won’t be starved!

Individual and Group Weight Loss Programmes with The Queen of Health

Nichola offers both individual weight loss programmes, as well as group weight loss programmes either in person or virtually. Our online membership new to 2022 allows you to take your weight loss journey to the next level, taking advantage of the benefits discussed above. To find out more about Nichola and The Queen of Health explore our website, or get in touch with Nichola through 086 317 5042 or email info@thequeenofhealth.ie